The Right to the Ocean is part of the non-profit campaign Rent Mjöl (for justice in trade and the right to food) run by the solidarity organisation Solidaridad Suecia-América Latina and the human rights organisation FIAN. The Right to the Ocean consists of activists in Sweden who work with the campaign on a voluntary basis. We also have two persons doing field work for us in Chile.

As members of  The Right to the Ocean we speak out against the contamination, poverty and injustice that comes with global capitalism. Our focus is on the behaviour of transnational companies and their extraction of marine resources, especially the effects on the environment and how it in turn affects the local population and indigenous peoples in Latin America. Throughout 2009 we will look at the norwegian salmon industry ,and scrutinize the behaviour of actors like Cermaq and Marine Harvest.

The Right to the Ocean, as part of the campaign Rent Mjöl, believes in food sovereignty as defined by the network Via Campesina:

”Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to define their own food and agriculture; to protect and regulate domestic agricultural production and trade in order to achieve sustainable development objectives; to determine the extent to which they want to be self reliant; to restrict the dumping of products in their markets; and to provide local fisheries-based communities the priority in managing the use of and the rights to aquatic resources. Food sovereignty does not negate trade, but rather, it promotes the formulation of trade policies and practices that serve the rights of peoples to safe, healthy and ecologically sustainable production”

If you are interested in knowing more about our cause or our campaign, or if you want to join us, feel free to send us an email to


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